What is First Treasury?

A decentralized monetary system that will be governed by STORE’s 1 entity 1 vote, fault-tolerant democracy with the goal of laying the foundation to allow the STORE computer to have funding for 1,000 years.

How does First Treasury start?

At STORE’s inception, 1 billion $STORE tokens have been authorized by the founding organization, STORE Labs Inc., for the purpose of securing STORE & growing the ecosystem over 100 & 1000-year periods.

The inflation reward schedule and maximum emission rate are ratified as part of First Governance (insert link), however both can be changed via STORE’s checks-and-balances governance system, specifically via approval from the Judicial and Miner branches.

Once First Treasury ends, subsequent changes to the treasury schedule and monetary policy need to be proposed by the jBranch and voted on by Miners.

How is First Treasury allocated?

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