What problem is STORE trying to solve?

The explosion of sensors, devices, robotics and autonomous vehicles - not just apps - will increase data growth exponentially. By 2025 it is estimated that the world will produce 175 zettabytes of data - that’s 5X more than today.

Data is of value to consumers, businesses and governments. But in its current state, it is fragmented, unrefined and not readily usable by machine learning models.

How does STORE solve this?

Data will become the 5th form of tradable commodity after Energy, Metals, Agriculture & Livestock.

However in its present state, data, under the centralized cloud computing model is silo’ed and developers across industries are unable to gain a sector-wide view of its value due to a lack of tooling available to standardize that data.

STORE creates incentives for “crude” data to be cleaned, labelled and made machine-learning ready, ultimately leading to increased economic value.

STORE will enable cloud data centers around the world to unlock spare capacity, earn additional revenue and assist in growing a decentralized cloud network.

STORE also enables app developers to build using data from other apps’ data, API’s and algorithms “in real-time” by providing structured and labeled data streams.

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