Phase 2: Ice Age Test Net (BFT Cloud, 2 STORE Markets) - 2022+

This is the adversarial and incentivized test net for the zero-fee settlement layer of STORE

The phases can be explained in more detail as follows;

Phase 1 - Verify the trust of “one entity, one vote” (1e1v) and Initial Mining Auction (IMA)

Phase 2 - Verify that elected miners can install STORE and Cloud miner software, securely connect to each other, and sign the genesis block

Phase 3 - Verify genesis flow. In other words, end-to-end testing and verification of;

  • Cloud miners creating empty blocks

  • STORE miners signing authenticity of empty blocks

  • Block reward calculations

Phase 4 - Verify BlockfinBFT consensus algorithm is working in line with expected parameters and verify the security of the STORE blockchain

Phase 5 - Verify adaptive throughput. In other words, verify the maximum throughput that the STORE and Cloud miners can handle.

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