What is programmable data?
Structured and labeled data streams on //STORE allow app developers to build using data from other apps’ data, API’s and algorithms “in real-time”. Some of this data may even be private and sensitive, this is where //STORE’s fault tolerant consensus mechanism ensures the security and privacy of that data whilst still enabling it to be used by developers.
This is a paradigm shift in computing where unlike today APIs and machine learning will be open by default and enable entirely new types of apps & devices to flourish.
How is programmable data traded automatically?
    The //STORE protocol facilitates the automated exchange of tokenized data between apps within data marketplaces.
    //STORE miners validate this exchange by providing transaction validation services in addition to providing storage and compute resources.
    Data buyers pay miners for these resources & pay developers for clean & labeled tokenized datasets, algorithms & APIs
    Data suppliers provide tokenized data from their app or device
Last modified 10mo ago
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