How are transactions recorded on the STORE network?

Once a transaction is verified by miners on the STORE network, it is recorded separately in both the Account ledger and the Blockchain ledger.

Both of these ledgers are required in order to maintain a comprehensive historical record of the “state” of transactions across all participants in the network. Participants can then view this historical data by using what is commonly known as a “block explorer”

What is the Account ledger?

The record of transactions for a particular miner or wallet holder’s account.

What is the Blockchain ledger?

The record of transactions across all accounts providing a global view of transactions, along with the Account ledgers of the sender and receiver, the Blockchain ledger serves as a form of Triple Entry Accounting.

How do these components work together?

The following 6 components come together to form the transaction ledger;

  1. Signature of Sender

  2. Signature of STORE node which verified transaction

  3. Blockchain hash in which transaction was recorded

  4. Account Balance details after transaction has occurred

  5. Transaction To / From account details

  6. Transaction hash (the unique address for that transaction)

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