What are datacoins?
A new, tradable digital asset that will be secured by and issued on top of the STORE protocol. $STORE is the unit of account in the datacoin economy.
Why are datacoins needed?
    The explosion of sensors, devices, robotics and autonomous vehicles means the rate at which data grows will increase exponentially
    Currently, data is crude, fragmented and not machine-learning ready, datacoins provide a mechanism to incentivize developers to clean their data.
    Once cleaned, datacoins have the potential to redraw information networks & make open data profitable for miners, developers & end users
Key features of datacoins
    Are emitted and tradable on the schedule of 1MB data = 1 datacoin
    App & device developers build with each other’s data, API’s & algorithms, in real-time
    Miners, developers & end users can make money when their data is traded via decentralized exchanges (DEX)
Last modified 10mo ago
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