STORE Use Cases

STORE competes in the emerging $260 billion cryptocurrency industry, the fast growing $13 billion Proof-of-Stake economy and the growing $270 billion public cloud computing economy.

STORE enables these computing, economic & governance primitives:

  • Zero-fee, peer-to-peer value transfer

  • Fast & scalable transactions

  • Democractic & censorship resistant governance (1 entity, 1 vote)

  • Open, tradable and programmable data

  • Sound money i.e. credibly low inflation with attractive yields

Which in turn enable these high-level use cases:

  1. A web2 app developer opening APIs for other developers to build with

  2. An IoT device developer live streaming datasets for anyone to access

  3. A healthcare system making a prized and rare dataset available

  4. An autonomous car or drone opening it’s ML-ready, live datastreams

  5. A local government streaming IoT device data for anyone to access

STORE Markets

STORE also consists of STORE Markets which enable and open up the above use cases. Each Market caters to a specific industry, sector or vertical and as such will have their own specific requirements around storage and compute resources.

These markets host various different types of public and private applications in order to provide both decentralized compute and storage resources and are paid either directly by a company/app owner or by customers in exchange for access to their data.

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