How are Block Rewards allocated in First Treasury?

Security Budget

Block Rewards are governed by the Security Budget. This budget is the percentage of circulating token supply that the protocol will reward for security (staking).
It balances out utility v/s security for the STORE Cloud. First Governance sets the budget and protocol founders plan to grow the budget from 10% to 51% before governance ratification.
There are two types of rewards which make up the total reward pool of 20 million $STORE per year, these are;
    Mandatory Rewards which are fixed and paid out to miners for securing the network by performing transaction validation
    Discretionary Rewards which vary dynamically depending on the compute performance of each miner

Mandatory Block Rewards

This is the baseline reward structure whereby Storage and Validation miners are rewarded for securing the network and accounts for 70% of the total reward pool.

Discretionary Block Rewards

The remaining 30% is allocated to the Judicial branch and split as follows:
    17% is allocated towards endowments to fund the day to day operation of each of the Miner, Security, Judicial & Executive branches
    13% is allocated towards miners for providing a number of services to the network such as:
      Storage capacity and uptime to the network
      Upgrading hardware
      Long-term staking
      Voting in governance proposals
      Lowering power usage efficiency
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