How are change requests processed on the STORE computer?

Who approves changes to the STORE protocol?

Miners, who are the voters on the STORE network, can approve or reject proposals created by the Judicial Branch with a simple majority or overrule the Executive Branch when necessary with a 2/3rd majority

Once approved, the Executive Branch is legally obligated to carry out the change, which may potentially include a fork.

What does the change request process look like?

  1. Change requests are submitted by any participant in the network, including:

    1. Community members

    2. Security Branch

    3. Judicial Branch

    4. Core Developers

    5. Security Researchers

    6. Open Source Developers

  2. Proposals need to be funded by the community in order to qualify for consideration by the Judiciary Branch and Miners.

  3. The three main types of proposals are;

    1. Network Changes

    2. Leadership Changes

    3. Monetary Policy Changes (can only be proposed by the jBranch)

  4. Miners review, prioritize and vote on change requests depending on the overall needs of the network

  5. Once changes are approved by Miners and ratified by the Executive Branch, the Executive Branch issues instructions to developers to execute and deploy the changes. It is to be noted that the Executive Branch can veto proposals.

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