What are //STORE Markets?
In the traditional blockchain space where sharding is the main way of achieving scalability, use-case-specific side chains exist to solve particular problems. In //STORE these are called “Markets”.
//STORE Markets host various different types of public and private applications in order to provide both decentralized compute and storage resources. These Markets are paid either directly by a company/app owner or by customers in exchange for access to their data.

How do //STORE Markets work?

Each //STORE Market consists of a subset of miners who secure the STORE network within a particular sector or industry.
Individual //STORE Markets should be small enough to provide compute and storage resources to app developers at prices that are competitive to centralized cloud services while being large enough to provide sufficient decentralization.
At launch, //STORE Markets consist of 10 STORE miners and 7 Cloud miners. These node counts are chosen to balance between the cost of compute and storage resources and decentralization.
It is important to note that the STORE settlement layer will comprise of all miners from all cloud markets:

What is the relationship between STORE markets and the STORE Network?

The STORE network can be thought of as a set of cloud markets consisting of sub-networks:

What are the main characteristics of sub-networks?

    Each sub-network consists of it's own set of STORE and Cloud miners
    STORE miners and Cloud miners can belong to multiple sub-networks to serve specifics apps
    Cost - Sub-networks are used to control the cost of hosting tokenized apps
    Efficiency - App transactions are only validated at the sub-network level, making the network as a whole more efficient
    Nodes - Sub-networks can have different node counts depending on the requirements of the app
    Logical Entities - All STORE miners can connect to all Cloud miners, however BlockfinBFT provides that STORE miners connect to a different set of Cloud miners per block
    Exist only at the Storecloud layer - Sub-networks are formed for every tokenized app depending on the resource and scaling requirements of the app
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