What is BlockfinBFT Consensus?

Overview of Distributed Consensus

It's a common belief that public blockchains cannot be secure, scalable and decentralized - they suffer from the scalability trilemma.

Fault tolerance is a mechanism whereby 2/3 consensus is reached on a decision about a proposal or change to the underlying code or network, even though some miners on the network may not be in agreement.

What is BlockFinBFT Consensus?

The team at //STORE has invented a leaderless, asynchronous, Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithm called BlockfinBFT that solves this trilemma.

BlockfinBFT validates blocks in a parallel pipelined process via a two-tier network of STORE Miners and Cloud Miners, each with specific roles to assemble and validate blocks using a cryptographically-secure process.