What is //STORE (the protocol)?
//STORE is a zero-fee public blockchain that allows developers to build on the STORE Cloud - a decentralized network of data centers and edges - using $STORE as its base currency. It's like Amazon Web Services™ but decentralized.
It is a proof-of-stake and governance protocol at the intersection of cloud and crypto. Features of the protocol are as follows:
Consensus Information
Governance Information
    Decentralized separation of powers (e.g. splitting treasury decisions vs protocol upgrade decisions)
    Decentralized checks and balances (e.g. processes for submitting & approving proposals)
    Off-chain coordination + on-chain voting
    Democratic voting (1 entity 1 vote)
    Final vote is legally binding
Technology Information
    BlockfinBFT - Leaderless, asynchronous, byzantine-fault-tolerant consensus algorithm
    Smart Contracts - Rust (e.g. Move by LibraBFT)
    Container / VM - SSVM
What are the components of the project?
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