Phase 3: Decentralized Cloud (3 Markets + STORE Miners) - 2023+

This is the third and final mainnet - a decentralized cloud that profitably secures and stores data.

In other words, STORE will evolve into a decentralized cloud where miners collectively form a new type of Amazon Web Services ™ by providing developers with decentralized compute, bandwidth, storage and more, in exchange for $STORE.

With STORE, developers are not limited to a single cloud and their proprietary data is not locked in.

Instead, transactions and data are secured and stored on a shared and decentralized zero-fee public blockchain hosted by a global network of miners (data centres) who only have a single vote in governance - no matter the size of their mining stake.

Furthermore they are also able to develop applications using commonly and readily available frameworks, STORE is flexible and does not force developers to use a specific programming language or toolkit.

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